Drama, Thriller, Mystery, 2018 Searching
Action, Mystery, Science fiction, 2014 The Maze Runner
Thriller, Horror, Drama, 2018 The Clovehitch Killer
Mystery, Science fiction, Thriller, 2017 Blade Runner 2049
Science fiction, Mystery, Thriller, 2015 Self/less
Horror, Drama, Mystery, 2018 Hereditary
Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, 2018 Apostle
Action, Thriller, Science fiction, 2010 Inception
Mystery, Thriller, 2018 Slender Man
Adventure, Action, Crime, 2017 The Fate of the Furious
Horror, Mystery, Crime, 2004 Saw
Adventure, Fantasy, Family, 2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Crime, Drama, Mystery, 2017 Murder on the Orient Express
Mystery, Science fiction, Thriller, 2018 Annihilation
Mystery, Thriller, Drama, 2014 Gone Girl
Thriller, Drama, Science fiction, 2016 Arrival
Science fiction, Mystery, Adventure, 1968 2001: A Space Odyssey
Action, Crime, Drama, 2015 Sicario
Thriller, Mystery, Drama, 2018 Summer of 84
Thriller, Mystery, Drama, 2018 Hold the Dark
Mystery, Comedy, Crime, 2018 Game Night
Mystery, Thriller, Horror, 2017 Get Out
Mystery, Thriller, 2018 Red Sparrow
Action, Mystery, Science fiction, 2018 Maze Runner: The Death Cure
Adventure, Family, Mystery, 2015 Tomorrowland
Action, Crime, Drama, 2018 The Commuter
Science fiction, Thriller, Mystery, 2018 How It Ends
Crime, Horror, Mystery, 2017 Jigsaw
Action, Mystery, Science fiction, 2009 Watchmen
Action, Mystery, Thriller, 2017 Atomic Blonde
Thriller, Science fiction, Mystery, 1997 Gattaca
Thriller, Mystery, 2006 The Da Vinci Code
Drama, Horror, Thriller, 1960 Psycho
Science fiction, Adventure, Mystery, 2012 Prometheus
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, 2010 Shutter Island
Horror, Mystery, Thriller, 2016 The Conjuring 2
Crime, Mystery, Thriller, 1995 Se7en
Drama, Mystery, Thriller, 2006 The Prestige
Romance, Animation, Comedy, 2018 Sherlock Gnomes
Crime, Drama, Mystery, 2015 The Hateful Eight
Mystery, Thriller, Drama, 2016 Inferno
Action, Mystery, Thriller, 2010 Salt
Action, Drama, Mystery, 2002 The Bourne Identity
Drama, Thriller, Mystery, 2012 Gone
Adventure, Science fiction, Action, 2016 Allegiant
Crime, Drama, Mystery, 2017 Wind River
Mystery, Horror, Thriller, 2018 Insidious: The Last Key
Action, Thriller, Science fiction, 2002 Minority Report